Personalized Wealth Management

Financial well-being and a secure retirement
is an essential aspect of life

We’re committed to guiding our clients and managing their assets so that they feel comfortable and confident about the future. Our approach is personalized and thorough.

Our Duty To You

Your Fiduciary Guide

Guiding you through
life’s changes

Gauthier Wealth Management utilizes a highly personalized wealth management approach designed to give clients the confidence to live the way they want to live now, and through each phase of life.

A fiduciary duty

We offer unbiased, conflict-free advice, and a commitment to transparency, which serves our clients while building confident, lasting relationships based on trust.

Advisory Services

Gauthier Wealth Management is committed to building and maintaining your trust in us so that you have the confidence to live life to the fullest.

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Your Financial Partner

With you through it all

There are always things that happen in life we cannot control or plan for and we’ll help you prepare for the unplanned as well as the planned. We do this by creating an investment and comprehensive financial plan, guiding you through life’s changes, and anticipating events that may lead to these moments. A Legacy Plan is also an important focus so that those that you care about are taken care of along with charities closest to your heart.

Here For You

Helpful by design

We are structured as an independent wealth management company, a very deliberate choice to move away from the environment of traditional brokerage and investment banking firms.

As investment advisor representatives, we have a fiduciary duty in how we manage each client’s wealth. Key fiduciary duties include serving the client’s best interest, acting in utmost good faith, acting prudently – with the care, skill and judgment of a professional, avoiding conflicts of interest, disclosing all material facts and controlling investment expenses. Investment advisory services are provided through Colarion LLC.

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